Giving back

The Ligaya Foundation
We set up this foundation to provide ‘effective’ financial support for continued studies for girls in the Philippines.  The girls we support are extremely motivated and their families are checked to make sure they really cannot afford to pay for further education.  We also try to ensure that the choice of study suits them and will enable them to get a good job, so that they can help support their own families.
At the moment we have 18 scholars.

The Muses Foundation
Our support and energy goes to this foundation in Amsterdam, which trains volunteers who go abroad to work at projects, to get the best possible experience both for themselves and for the projects. They train around 1600 volunteers each year.
When the volunteer returns to Holland they are offered the Greater Good training which helps them harness that great feeling of ‘making a difference’ and translate it to a work/life plan to help them achieve their own full potential.  We LOVE this!
We are one of the main financial sponsers and Karen has been a member of the Board since 2014.