The environment and us

Vital water

Pure and vital water:  directly from every tap in our Bed and Breakfast. Better for the environment and better for you.

Mounted in our water mains, we have installed a ‘vitaliser’which vitalises the water flowing though it, allowing it to regain its natural vibration. People, plants and animals react immediately to it and become more vital. The results are astounding- positive effect on human, animal and plant health.


As you can imagine, any accommodation provider uses a lot of energy to keep the guests comfortable. We do our best by covering the total roof area with solar panels, 30 in all. After a lot of research we picked an energy supplier who produces energy from wind turbines.

We launder all our sheets and towels in house and do not use washing powder that contains bleach or perfume.
Line drying our bed sheets and keeping the dryer use to a minimum (by only using it for towels), helps too…..and of course energy saving light bulbs.

Our ‘green roof’ was featured by Greenpeace in one of their promotional films.

Green roof

We do our best by covering the total roof area, not taken up by solar panels, with green plants called sedum. Sedum on the roof helps make the city a greener place and is great for bees and other insects. We love bees!