Here’s what various guide books say about us:

The Virgin Amsterdam City Guide: Want to stay with friends? Karen and Paul would love to have you,  easy-going hospitality and a sincere desire to please, make a visit here a charming and personal affair. Painted beams, homey style, and the Vondelpark close by make it a romantic stay. The McCuskers are doing it for love.
The Rough Guide : Small Bed and Breakfast – run by an English woman who moved to Amsterdam in 1979. Cozy and clean, Laura Ashley Style double rooms in her home close to the Vondelpark. Ring first because the owner isn’t always there. You’ll need to call well in advance.
Rick Steve’s Amsterdam Guide 2018: With cozy rooms in a shoes-off house, this Bed and Breakfast is run by a friendly English woman, Karen and her Dutch husband Paul.  Rooms are clean, white and bright with red carpeting and green plants.

Here’s what our guests said about us (excerpts from our guest book):

Sally Pederson:

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Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam: A Retreat From The Touristy Centre

Situated on a lovely Amsterdam canal directly opposite the entrance to Vondelpark is the boutique Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam. The century old canal house is clean, white and bright with red plush carpeting throughout. With a No Shoes policy, you should bring slippers or a pair of fluffy socks. All shoes are left at the front door beside the container of red and white umbrellas that match the interior décor.

A retreat in authentic Amsterdam

If you desire a visit to Amsterdam, but don’t want to be in the busy city center then look no further and book your stay at the Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam. Your home away from home is conveniently located in a stylish neighborhood with everything you need at your fingertips.

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Ginda Simpson,

painter and writer:


Sloterkade painting by Writer Ginda Simpson

This lovely century-old canal house in a quiet residential neighborhood of leafy southwest Amsterdam offers a retreat from the touristy center and a taste of authentic Amsterdam “at home” hospitality.  The house is typical of canal architecture; its slate blue façade with potted daffodils on its balcony sends a welcoming picture to the weary traveler at the end of a long day of sightseeing.  Indeed, that is one of its many special aspects.  The immediate neighborhood boasts no less than fifteen ethnic restaurants, and a sun-drenched café/restaurant on the corner, where neighbors and friends meet and soak up the rays while enjoying a chilled beer or aperitif.

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Jennifer Susanto-Lee, Travel Journalist: A warm welcome is always well-received,especially when you’ve been traveling for 5 hours and you’re tired.  Karen and Paul are professionals, and it’s evident they put themselves in the shoes (well, socks of future guests when setting up this charming B&B.  Clean as a whistle, close to everything and the complimentary blackcurrent gin kicks like a mule.  Well worth a stop.
Pat & Jennie: “Thank you for your hospitality & the lovely chocolates you have left for us. You have a beautiful house and home which we have enjoyed sharing for a short while. We will be back for a visit. Thanks very much. I must thank the friend who recommended you both to us, as we’d never have known you were here. I definitely would like the same room next time.
Helen & John: “Wonderful weeks holiday, unable to make any suggestions for improvement. Everything spotless.
Deneil & Scott: “Thank you for you hospitality. You made our stay in Amsterdam very enjoyable. We loved the clean, cheery rooms, fresh flowers and the chocolates. We will recommend this place to others. Thanks again.
Elisabeth & Kenneth: “Thank you for your hospitality and for being so friendly. You helped make our 25th wedding anniversary special. The chocolates and blackcurrant gin and the fresh Tulips were lovely.
Lillie & Neil: “I wanted something special for Lillie’s 60th birthday and retirement surprise and you have certainly helped me to achieve that. Many thanks.
Sam & Andy: “We wanted to see and do so much but with such a relaxing lovely room and the Vondelpark so near by, all we could do was chill out, relax and enjoy ourselves. Thank you for the pretty flowers in our room.